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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Day 3

Okay, so I've been riding and eating and not blogging too much. Well for those of you who want to keep up with our travels, (that's you mom) here's the deal: we've moved up the Mississippi into Mississippi, the land of the hot tamale. The fact that a food invented in Mexico is practically the state dish is a fascinating and delicious fact. As you move up the river, from Greenville to Tunica, every town, and I mean every town, has at least 1 if not 5 hot tamale joints. Luckily I have had help sorting through all this. Amy Evans of the Southern Foodway Alliance joined us for a day and led us to some of the best joints in the region. If you want to check out her newly published map of the "tamale trail" as she calls it, check out .

Tonight I sit in relative comfort at the Best Western Inn in West Helena, Arkansas - a state I know nearly nothing about. Tomorrow, I'll drop in on the King Biscuit Time radio show, which I'm pretty sure is the longest running radio show in the US. I'm hoping to score some good culinary advice from callers, if they allow that sort of thing. After that, we'll push on towards Memphis to ask the nagging yet not-so-internal question: What Would Elvis Eat?

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